Human Rights? A Hot Potato

Yesterday I was reading on The New York Times and article with the following title: China: U.S. Accused of Rights Violations
According to this article China accuses, in a report, The United States of promoting freedom on the internet to undermine other countries while they have their own campaign against antisicrecy website Wikileaks. This report also criticises the States in terms of homelessness, violent crime, the influence of money over politics and “ civilian casualties” in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
And what do you want me to say? Well, it is true. The report is totally right. But it is a pitty this compilation of accusations feels just like a reply to the annual evaluation of the Department of State which was, as usual, very critical with China. 
In conclusion, who’s right? Everybody... Who does something to improve things? Well, obviously nobody... And I’m not sure anymore wether the XXI century is the desinformation century or the overinformation century. We’ve reached a point where everything seems to be so obvious, and it is so easy for everyone to wash one's dirty linen in public, that the most used strategy seems to be the game of the hot potato. In the end, while one accuses the other, what must really be important is not known, The United States continue doing and undoing at will and if I write things on my blog such as revolution, Ai Wei Wei or Tian An Men, the most probable thing is that after a minute of publishing the post I lose access to the link. Anybody can tell me what we need to do?  

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